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XML BBC News business
XML Boston Globe business
XML Google business
XML Yahoo! business
XML New York Times business
XML The Motley Fool
XML The Washington Post business


XML New York Times education
XML The Washington Post education


XML BBC News entertainment
XML Google entertainment
XML RedNova Oddities
XML Yahoo! entertainment


XML Allrecipes dinner recipes
XML Allrecipes healthy recipes
XML Allrecipes entertaining recipes
XML Allrecipes baking recipes


XML Barvin
XML BBC News health
XML Google health
XML New York Times health
XML The Washington Post health
XML Yahoo! health


Click this link for 52 RSS feeds for jobs in 52 US states


XML Digital photography review


XML ABC News politics
XML BBC News politics
XML New York Times politics
XML The Politic
XML The Washington Post 2004 election
XML The Washington Post politics


XML BBC science
XML NASA Earth Observatory
XML NASA Science
XML National Geographic Society
XML RedNova space
XML RedNova science
XML Yahoo! new science


XML Boston Globe sports
XML Google sports
XML New York Times sports
XML Renault F1
XML SoccerWay
XML The Washington Post sports
XML Yahoo! sports


XML BBC News technology
XML CNET enterprise software news
XML CNET enterprise hardware news
XML CNET security news
XML CNET networking news
XML CNET the net news
XML CNET personal technology news
XML Computerworld news
XML Google SCI Tech
XML InfoWorld news
XML New York Times technology news
XML PCWorld news
XML RedNova technology
XML Search engine watch
XML Search engine journal
XML Slashdot news
XML The Register
XML Wired news
XML SecurityFocus news
XML The Washington Post technology
XML Yahoo! technology
XML 3ders 3D printer and 3D printing news


XML Adam Curry
XML Hack the Planet
XML Tomalak's Realm
XML John Kerry for President,


XML BBC News world
XML Boston Globe world
XML Christian Science Monitor world
XML Google world
XML New York Times world
XML RedNova general
XML The Washington Post world
XML Yahoo! world

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Place the mouse arrow on one of the above pictograms and click the right mouse button, then choose "Copy Shortcut". Start RssReader and go to add(+) channel/feed and then paste (click right mouse button) the url and press ok. Add as many feeds to this free RSS reader as you want and use it as free news aggregator.

Dutch business news:

XML Algemeen Dagblad economie
XML Beurs
XML NU economie
XML Volkskrant economie
XML Trouw economie

Dutch entertainment news:

XML 3voor12
XML AutoScoops
XML NU achterklap
XML Omroep (TV/Radio)
XML Radio 538

Dutch news:

XML Algemeen Dagblad
XML Elsevier
XML Jurofoon juridisch nieuws
XML Nieuws
XML NU algemeen
XML Planet
XML Quote
XML Parool
XML Spits
XML Volkskrant binnenland
XML Volkskrant buitenland
XML Volkskrant voorpagina
XML Wereldomroep
XML Trouw

Dutch ICT news:

XML Algemeen Dagblad internet en PC
XML Breedbandwinkel
XML Breekpunt
XML Computable
XML Computer Idee
XML Ematic
XML Emerce
XML HCC Magazine
XML Internet100
XML MarketingFacts
XML NU internet
XML Opensource Nieuws
XML Persberichten
XML Planet Multimedia
XML Security
XML Tweakers
XML WebWereld

Dutch politics:

XML Volkskrant Den Haag

Dutch region news:

XML AlmeerNieuws
XML Omroep Brabant
XML Omrop Fryslan
XML RTV Utrecht
XML Sleutelstad

Dutch science news:

XML Wetenschap

Dutch sport news:

XML Algemeen Dagblad sport
XML Atletiek nieuws
XML NU sport
XML Parool sport
XML Volkskrant sport
XML Trouw sport

Dutch weblogs:

XML Bianc
XML Adam Curry
XML Blogt punt NL
XML De Koopman
XML Frankwatching
XML GeenStijl
XML Hyped
XML Jan Marijnissen
XML MarketingFacts
XML Marie-Jose Klaver
XML Michiel Frackers
XML Michiel Veenstra
XML Netkwesties
XML PMM BlogNoot
XML Retecool
XML Tegenlicht
XML VK Magazine
XML Totally Flabbergasted

Only Dutch feeds with feed message description and other then feed title can be nominated to be added.

French ICT news:

XML K-OTiC security advisories
XML K-OTiC security news
XML K-OTiC security exploits

French news:

XML La Derniere Heure / Les Sports (Belgium)
XML Liberation
XML La Libre (Belgium)
XML Google France
XML Renault F1

German ICT news:

XML Stern computer and technik
XML Tweaker

German news:

XML Google Deutschland
XML News Ticker
XML Spiegel
XML Tagesschau

Italian news:

XML ANSA top news
XML Google Italia

Portuguese ICT news:

XML Info Abril (Brasil)

Spanish ICT news:

XML Mentoliptus (Uruguay)

Spanish news:

XML Google Espaņa

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